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Thread: Error Saving Game

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    Error Saving Game

    Just tried to save a game and got this message:

    There was an error verifying the saved game
    The bad file has been saved as "FAILED-game name.mog"
    Please try saving again

    Clicked OK and got this message:

    Baseball Mogul was unable to write the saved game file, probably because of low hard drive space. You can use the "Resume" dialog to erase old saved game files.

    I had previously saved the game without getting that error message.
    When I go to "resume" the game is not there.
    I have plenty of hard drive space.

    What happened?

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    Re: Error Saving Game

    Seems straight forward but I'm wondering if youd tried to re-install the game or the patch. It seems to me that something may have become corrupted or something. I've tried this and not getting the error you describe thankfully. I'm using the current 21.11 at this time. I don't know what else I'd suggest off the top of my head except for maybe re-insttling the previous patch to be able to continue your game and not mess it up or lose it even worse. I'd hate to be a t the end of a season with a chance to win 101 games and have something bad happen like you describe. That would definitely be a *****..

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