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Thread: Fatigue

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    Do players Tire or can I just run a guy ever play?

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    Re: Fatigue

    They do tire. It depends on what year you are playing in, but a running back loses effectiveness and has in increased chance of injury if he exceeds the norms for his era. In 2018, this means going above about 15 carries per game. This number goes up by about 2 for every decade before the current season (e.g. 17/game in 2008, 19/game in 1998, 21/game in 1988).

    As in real-life, the only way to know if you're pushing a player too hard is by injuries or loss of effectiveness. If you want to see hidden info about the player, you can turn on Commissioner Mode (in Tools-->Options), go to a player's Scouting Report and click 'Edit Player', then click 'Edit Ratings'. Player's with Durability ratings above 85 will be able to exceed the above parameters somewhat (and vice versa).
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