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Thread: Official Patch: Version 21.11

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    Official Patch: Version 21.11

    Version 21.10 for Baseball Mogul 2018 has been posted here:

    Changes from Version 21.00 to Version 21.01:
    • Fixes bad roster file.
    • Updates minor league team names.

    Changes from Version 21.01 to Version 21.02:
    • Fixes 112 bad player IDs.
    • Adds icons to desktop and start menu.

    Changes from Version 21.02 to Version 21.03:
    • Fixes crash in Play-By-Play Mode.​

    Changes from Version 21.03 to Version 21.04:
    • Fixed free agents seeking salary below league minimum.
    • Interface tweaks so player photos aren't stretched on widescreen displays.
    • Enables Download Team Logos and Download Player Photos in Advanced Tools (Tools Menu).
    • Added Retrosheet data (improves historical simulation and Win Percentage calculation).

    Changes from Version 21.04 to Version 21.05:
    • Fixes crash bug.
    • Fixes player height data in 2018 database.

    Changes from Version 21.05 to Version 21.07:
    • Fixed errors caused by downloaded team logos.
    • Eliminated all memory leaks.
    • Fixed "Inflation Ratio" in historical seasons.
    • Fixed "MogFame.dat" error messages.
    • Improved default uniform colors.
    • ​Fixed bug loading "NewGameColors.csv"

    Changes from Version 21.07 to Version 21.10:

    Changes from Version 21.10 to Version 21.11:
    • Sortable Stats Dialog: fixed display of MVPs, Gold Gloves, Cy Young Awards and All Star Games.
    • New feature in Sortable Stats: selecting "Projected" for retired players scales their career totals to a 162-game season (instead of always returning '0').


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