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Thread: Too many Pick Sixes etc. [Fixed v16.04]

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    Too many Pick Sixes etc. [Fixed v16.04]

    I am using version 16.03 of FBM19. Has anybody noticed the excessive incidence of pick-sixes and kick returns? I keep waiting for a new patch that will correct this but nobody seems to notice. These inordinate incidences really skew the game. (4 pick-sixes in one game is the rule rather than the exception) Also, the td's don't show in the defenders's box score. Somebody, please.

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    Re: FBM19 bug

    You are correct WRT pick 6s. There are too many pick 6s. Using version 16.0.2, for a simulated season, there were 107 pick 6s for a season. A typical NFL season has about 50 pick 6s.

    Kick returns are an issue. For the same simulated season there were 20 KR return TDs (total for all teams). This is 3 times what is typical for the NFL.

    Punt returns are also an issue. There were 24 punt return TDs (total for all teams). This is twice what is typical for the NFL.

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    Re: FBM19 bug

    Email support. This needs fixed.
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    Re: FBM19 bug

    THANK YOU for this detailed feedback. This should be much better in Version 16.04.
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