Version 15.10 for Football Mogul 18 has been posted here:

Improvements in 15.10:
  • 2018 NFL schedule added.
  • Improved ratings for some players in 2017-2018 database.
  • e.g. Kyle Rudolph (MIN) improved to 4th best TE in NFL (was ranked as 15th in v15.09).
  • Fixes a bug causing running backs to sometimes run 50+ yards into their own end zone (and be tackled for a safety).

Improvements in 15.09:
  • Fixed bug that reduced importance of offensive linemen and defensive players.

Improvements in 15.08:
  • Fixes crash in off-season with some saved games.

Improvements in 15.07:
  • Edited player retirement algorithms to fix "disappearing player" problem.
  • Adjustments to offensive play selection AI.
  • Simulation engine improvements (to better match historical league averages).
  • Fixed "Pro Set" formation to match documentation (replaced 2nd RB with FB).

Improvements in 15.06:
  • Revised ratings for 2,354 players in 2017 database.
  • Includes Red Zone ratings for all RB/FB/TE/WR.
  • Improvements to 'Import Player Ratings' and 'Export Player Ratings' (in Advanced Tools).​

Improvements in 15.04:​
  • Fixed Austin Seferian-Jackson's position (changed from QB to TE).
  • Fixed duplicated week 1 info in HTML Encyclopedia output.
  • Fixed some weird results on fumble and interception runbacks.

Improvements in 15.03:​
  • Fixed crash at end of College Draft after 2017-2018 season.
  • Improved Trade AI (primarily to increase strength of offers by computer teams).

Improvements in 15.02:
  • Fixed error message and hang at end of Fantasy Draft.
  • Added 'Calibrate Player Ratings' button to Advanced Tools.

Improvements in 15.01:
  • New 2017 database with rating adjustments (e.g. Carson Wentz, Ryan Shazier).
  • (Bad ratings were caused by a bug loading Depth Chart information from "2017_Rosters.csv".)
  • CSV output option added to Single Season Simulator tool.