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Thread: ?s re Editing Players in 2018/Predicted stats

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    ?s re Editing Players in 2018/Predicted stats

    I just got Mogul 2018 v21.08 after previously playing Mogul 2014 and older versions years ago. From what I have read online and seen firsthand, I understand you can edit the player's ratings, which will change the predicted stats.

    Is it still possible to enter the predicted stats for a player and have it calculate the ratings like it did in the older versions? I tried multiple times clicking on "refresh display" and "recalculate ratings" and every combination I could think of, however the ratings never seemed to get applied to the player once I clicked "done" or "edit player ratings" to exit the edit player stats window. The predicted stats that I enter also don't get saved either. Is it not possible to manually edit these anymore?

    I like to enter the stats from every players best season as their predicted stats to create my rosters (the way Tony La Russa Baseball II from 1993 did). Is there a way to import predicted stats and recalculate player ratings using Advanced Tools?

    Also, do the projections stats actually effect a player's stats during a season?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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    Re: ?s re Editing Players in 2018/Predicted stats

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