Anyone ever come across the following? Using 2107 of Mogul 2018. Chad Kuhl for the pirates John Gant to Start for the Cardinals. Bottom of the first John Gant faces five batters doesn't retire anyone and gives up 4 runs. He comes out and in comes Connor Greene. Later on in the fifth or sixth inning who comes in, John Gant. I'm like what the hell??? Only thing I could figure here is that John gant when he started wasn't credited with an appearance because he didn't retire anyone. Connor Greene retired Francisco Cirvelli who was the sixth batter in the pirates order. Another weird thing was Gant's ERA for the game was over 5 but he was allowed to come back in later in the game. I don't think that is permitted in the real game of baseball, Plus how did he get rested so quick? He did pitch better when he came back out. Very odd to say the least. I was thinking to myself what the Hel is Gant doing back out there when he started the game? That one really threw me.