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    Lightbulb Mogul Community Discord

    In order to be more attractive and accessible to a younger generation of mogul players, I've went ahead and created a discord for the mogul community to all get together and chat about mogul, sports, politics, and whatever else is on your mind. We're a good group of guys & gals and pretty much all of us are in leagues but you don't have to be in a league to come chat. The way I have the discord set up is there's a general discussion area then there's a sub-server for each individual league. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself in the general discussion area, there's usually always someone online willing to chat.

    For those that don't know, discord is basically a chat room that you can use pretty much anywhere, they even have an app for your phone/ipad. It's free to use, you don't even have to sign up for anything, you can just type in a screen name and you're in.

    I'm Poldi or PoldiGBA, I hope to see you there.
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