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Thread: Suggestion: Divisional Alignment Flexibility

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    Suggestion: Divisional Alignment Flexibility

    One of the things that I've always sought with each version of BBM is greater flexibility in aligning teams into divisions, especiallyl the ability to align teams into four divisions within each league.

    If/when Major League Baseball expands from 30 to 32 teams, they will almost certainly at least give serious consideration to a 4-4-4-4, 4-4-4-4 divisional alignment. They could in theory revert to a four-division 8-8, 8-8 alignment, but 4-4-4-4, 4-4-4-4 seems more plausible. Consequently, I've always felt this should be an option, rather than being pigeonholed into a 5-6-5, 5-6-5 (or variant) alignment.

    Just a suggestion for a feature that I think should've been implemented a decade ago.

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    Re: Suggestion: Divisional Alignment Flexibility

    You are correct. A 4th division ability has been long overdue!
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    Re: Suggestion: Divisional Alignment Flexibility

    I've been asking for this for years. Clay flat out said it wasn't a priority, and that it probably wasn't going to happen.
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