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Thread: Unrealistic stats for Eddie Gaedel [v21.04]

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    Unrealistic stats for Eddie Gaedel [v21.04]

    I began a dynasty in 1950 on 21.04. After simming for three years, I did took a look at the other computer players in the league to see what their rosters were. I noticed that Eddie Gaedel had a batting average of .000 and a on-base percentage of .434 in 1952. I assumed it was as a bench player, but looking at his individual stats, it was for a full season. I pulled up his record and found that he was a regular for three years with hundreds of at bats and one career hit. He has a very high career OBP because he had hundreds of base on balls. Somehow, his single plate appearance with one walk in real life has morphed into these totally unreal statistics when extrapolated into three years as a regular. See attached screen shot. There ought to be some controls so these anomalies are controlled for.
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