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Thread: Rework the Game Simulation Engine

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    Rework the Game Simulation Engine

    Currently the quality of the Offensive Line and Defensive Backs have little apparent affect on a play. A starting OL with every member rated 99 in Pass and Rush Blocking often performs no differently than a mediocre OL with an average of 75. The yards gained by Running Backs also seem unrelated to the OL. Only Sacks Allowed seems to be affected -- and that not dramatically.

    For DBs the situation is even worse. Pass Coverage and Turnover ratings seem to have NO affect at all. With EVERY DB set to 99 in all Defensive attributes, on several runs of a season, ALL the 99 rated DBs interceptions COMBINED were less that the number of Interceptions of the league leader in interceptions. On many runs, none of the 99 rated DBs even made it onto the top 10 list in interceptions for the CONFERENCE.

    As the play simulation is now, there is no point in drafting decent OL players or quality DBs. This significantly takes away from the game.

    Using FB Mog 18 version 15.0.8
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