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Thread: Design your stadium when starting an expansion team

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    Suggestions regarding expansion teams

    1. Right now every expansion team starts with 50,000 seat stadium with the standard attributes. I would like a chance to design my own stadium and set the dimensions when I create my team without having to do it manually through my Stadium Editor.

    It'd be nice to have this chance to make a stadium that matches the team I hope to create and make sure it accounts for altitude.

    2. BUG -- No matter what the difficulty is set to when forming a new expansion team, the game changes the difficult to fan/coach/coach (fan for transactions) after the game starts.

    3. Maybe some suggestions/recommended cities for a new expansion team. It's a bit cumbersome to look through 100+ cities to see which ones will make a good candidate. (Best choices: Indianapolis, Charlotte, Portland, Vancouver BC*) *Look at that growth rate!

    4. Right now the transactions page for expansion draft shows the team your player was drafted FROM not the team that drafted him.

    5. It'd be nice to implement the Expansion Draft for creating new teams beyond the 30/32 that you have to start with.

    6. Maybe an option to choose a location for both you and the other team (as long as you don't screw them over by putting them in Billings, MT or something)
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