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    Cool Global Baseball Association (

    GBA is looking for GMs. We're a 20-team league with fictional players and fictional teams, all with custom logos. We've been running since June 2017 but we started with a 3 month long fantasy draft. We're half way through our third season now and we have a good core of GMs, just not enough to fill the league. We use BM11 because we feel like it's the most superior and stable game for running a league. Our financials are tight and we have rules in place to prevent teams from hoarding too much cash which prevent teams from long-term dynasties and long-term rebuilds. I'm the commish of this league and I'm the only one with the password. We have IFA in GBA but the way we do it there is no file manipulation. Our sims are on Mon-Wed-Fri. Most GM interactions are through XAT or PM, like most mogul leagues.

    Open Teams:
    Brookyln Bridges - On the verge of being a top team in this league.
    Championship City Xekutioners - Rebuilding.
    Death Valley Eskimos - Playoff team that needs a little tlc.
    Diablos Rojos del Mexico - Playoff team that needs a little tlc.
    Melbourne Heroes - Playoff team with some great players but a weak farm.

    We've sorted our divisions geographically but if you take a team and prove that you're going to stick around you can change your team city and name as long as it fits geographically. Stop by and check us out if you're interested, we'd love to see some new blood.
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    Re: Global Baseball Association (

    Houston has been filled. The original post has been updated to reflect that. Sim 8 is tonight @ 9pm ET.

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