I think defensive spectrum/shifting positions was added maybe in 2014/15/Diamond, but not sure.

I have a few questions that I don't feel are proper for suggestions or bugs.

1. Does forcing a player back to his original/rookie position when the game keeps shifting him to his veteran position have a negative impact?

Example: I have a second baseman, 91 overall rating, 31 years old. Over the offseason, he is turned into a third baseman with the setting he has for his defensive spectrum [edit player: rookie/best/veteran positions]. This displaces my 86 overall third baseman, who is benched due to the former second baseman. And now a 76 overall second baseball is starting at second. So I redefine the shifted player back to second base to improve my team's overall quality.

2. What would happen if I made a player who starts as a first baseman and ends up a shortstop? At least in Diamond, I could do that.

3. Why are there rarely any 1B/LF in the drafts, at least in Diamond? You find them, but they are usually listed as other positions but with terrible grades for all but 1B or LF. This tend to be true pretty often. You'll see your SS is actually best as 2B, 2B best as 3B, and 3B best as 1B.