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Thread: OffSeason Issue

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    OffSeason Issue


    I am in the offseason and stuck at the College Draft progression tab. If I click on College Draft the "Proceed to Contract Renewal" screen pops up and when I press yes nothing happens. I'm stuck. See Attachment.

    thanks - Scott
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    Re: OffSeason Issue

    You should post this under Bugs. Indicate which version you are running. You can get the version by clicking on Help->About Football Mogul...

    The developers focus on the Bugs section, not the General Discussion area.

    As a suggestion, at the end of a season (after the Superbowl) select Play 1 Week. The contract renewal dialog should then appear. After your contracts are renewed, you are advanced to the next season but prior to the draft. A prompt will ask whether you want to start the draft.

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    Re: OffSeason Issue

    I did send this issue via e-mail to the developpers. The only way I've gotten the draft to progress is to select sim multiple seasons and stop it before the draft begins for the year that I want to draft for. The problem that I'm stuck in now is no cash for any team to be able to trade for draft picks. It's saying that there's not enough cash to sign draftees and duh if there is not any cash for any team then that's definitely an issue. And I e-mailed them about that one as well.

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