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Thread: Official Patch: Version 20.21

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    Official Patch: Version 20.21

    Version 20.21 has been posted here:

    Version 20.21 fixes a bug with player career paths in new games, causing older players to not decline as quickly as they should. (This, in return, caused players in their prime to decline more quickly in order to keep the talent pool balanced).

    A list of fixes between 20.00 and 20.21 can be found at the above link.
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    Re: Official Patch: Version 20.21

    This has been reported to Connor but wanted to mention it here as well. After installing this patch when running the game the game was complaining that one or more of the steam files was not present. I went and checked and they were no longer present in the bbmogul 2017 folder. I copied the steam files present in my fbmogul 18 folder and then after doing this was able to get the game to once again run normally.

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    Re: Official Patch: Version 20.21

    i cant update to 20.21 it keeps messing up everytime i try to install the update, tried both versions of the installer.
    UPDATE: issue fixed.
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