I just saw something that I have never seen before.

I am playing BBM Ver 20.20

When I finish with a dynasty, I often go back and build a spreadsheet for the pitchers and one for the non-pitchers.
I just finished a 25-year dynasty. I outputted the encyclopedia and used the view encyclopedia to call up the stats over the 25 years. I make a column for each of the eight positions and record how many games each player at the position started. Sometimes I must check around several players to account for the 162 games started at the position.

I proceeded through the years adding to the spreadsheet. Eighteen years into the dynasty, I rand into a glitch. So far, I have only found it in one player, Ernie Whitt. For several years he shows fewer games played under the batting stats than he does under the fielding stats. Usually there are the same or more games under the batting stats (appearing as a pinch hitter or pinch runner and not taking the field).

The differences were extreme 1979 was 130 batting games and 152 fielding games, 1981 was 142/143, 1983 was 132/147, 1984 was 131/151, 1985 was 117/132, and 1986 was 132/151. Plate appearances and at bats seemed in proportion to the reduced number of games for the batting stats.

I re-output the encyclopedia and had the same results. I went back to the game and the scouting report for Ernie Whitt showed the same numbers. It would appear that 15 to 20 games a year disappeared from his batting stats.

The error is not in the fielding stats because all the Red Sox catcher games started for the year add up to 162. I checked several other players and did not see this. I am going to do a random search on one or two of the other players on other teams in the game have this problem.