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Thread: Adjusting the Defensive Ratings

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    Adjusting the Defensive Ratings

    I am sharing this for those that are not satisfied with many of the defensive ratings per this fine sim. The adjustments are easy to make considering all the main work that has been done.

    To insure/enhance defensive performances I use the following formula

    I use Pro Football as the data base

    Basic Formula is: Points Per Game Allowed - League Avg PPGA

    example: 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers allowed just 9.9 pts per game

    the league average was 19.2

    19.2 - 9.9 = 9.3 this is the number of defensive players to be adjusted

    the categories to assign the adjustments are:


    the adjustment is a +10 for each player per these categories

    the maximum number to assign is 99

    & the assignee is at liberty to adjust the players of choice

    An easy method to determine which teams "need" to be adjusted is,

    look at the total points allowed per the league average

    Pro Football ranks them in order for easy identification

    Generally, only a few teams per year will be affected

    To insure these adjustments stay intact, save the file ( mog ), & back it up

    example: I want to adjust the 1985 Chicago Bears to my specifications,

    I would load the 1986 Season, make my adjustments, then save as the 1985 Bears
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    Re: Adjusting the Defensive Ratings

    Would this work for offenses as well? Can you run projected results then adjust ratings?
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    Re: Adjusting the Defensive Ratings

    I am sure this would be a lot more complicated to implement. Also, because of all the offensive stats in play, probably not necessary.
    I am not looking for super accurate results per a team's real life output, just being within a reasonable ballpark figure is all I was looking for.

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