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Thread: Online Leagues Stat Tracking

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    Online Leagues Stat Tracking

    well, folks it's that time again for me to dust off one of my old projects and see if I can spark some interest in this game again. some of you may remember me talking about BATSTAT my online stat tracking program for BM online leagues. I started writing it in 2015 but shelved it due to what looked like a lack of interest in the game and the breakup of the league that I was testing it in. here is a little about what the concept is. as most of you know the game spits out a .csv file from the sortable stats section of the game. this file is separated by tabs and contains all of the info for all the players in the game. with this, i was able to create a program in PHP that took the file and imported it into a MySQL database. using a set of functions I was able to call back the info and display it back to a browser. my aim was to emulate the websites stat tracking section. each player was linked back to a player card where you could look at the player online instead of having to have the game with you all the time. my target was mobile devices and ppl who have access to a computer at work but cant has the game. when I played in leagues I found that it was hard to talk trade with a lot of ppl because they had normal lives and worked. well, i would talk to my buddy Vertigo about our teams and trading while he was at work but we didn't have a way to look at the players if one of us did not have the game sending screen shots got to be like work. so I make the first iteration of what I called BATSTAT it was simple it didn't have any bells or whistles but it allowed us to look at players just like we were looking at the game itself. well, i still have that working copy of BATSTAT I don't want to release it to the general public because it was not as user-friendly as far as getting the file on the server and importing the players. so this time around I have started working on an admin panel that gives the commish a few forms to prep the file for use in the app and upload the file to DB. I have some more work to do as I want to redo all the functions and possibly add some new ones. soon ill be looking for a league to test it out on.

    What im looking for in a test league?

    : First of all, i need a default league its not rdy to do fictional quiet yet there will be a need to test this in another league down the road.. i don't want to use a league that has started and stopped only to start again when the new version of BM comes out. it makes it hard for me to work out long term bugs I need a league that has been rolling for awhile. also when i implement the GM login ill need to be able to test when you drop a GM and add a new GM to the league and teams.

    : Responsible Comish and GMs When I put this on a server and give you access to it I need to feel safe that you aren't going to try to make your own changes to it. Ill also need feed back so I need to know what the problem was and how you came to this problem so I can reproduce it and fix it.

    : Honesty is a must I need true feedback if the program sucks and you don't feel like it needs something I need to know that i'm a 42 year old man I can take criticism

    : most importantly I need patients, writing a program without a team is a lot of work on top of my normal workload I do this in my spare time granted its all I think about because i'm consumed with this being it's my first real project alone but I need you to understand i'm not always going to be able to fix every problem in 10 mins so you will have to run this in parallel to your normal league until it is stable enough to just function on its own. in a nut shell its going to be a stat tracking program to reference from a phone, tablet or whatever you used when you are on the go.

    : if you are interested in being a test league please feel free to contact me Via PM and ill give you my email and we can go from there to see if you are a fit for testing. if your league hasn't been in existence for more than 2 years of BM please don't try to apply per the first need...

    what will BATSTAT 1.2 have for functions?
    : complete sortable stat tracking of a whole league including Batting Pitching and Fielding MLB AL and NL (working on a system to qualify players)
    : year 2 year stats
    : individual player pages containing a bio, contract, stats, attributes, etc..
    : Injury list for both league and team
    : league leaders for the major stats in Batting Pitching Fielding MLB AL NL
    : graphical Depth charts for Team and Organization
    : team pages with team leaders, starting lineups (cant do LEFT RIGHT yet ), Pitching Rotation + BP, minor league system, salary number, top 5 prospects, potential FAs
    : later down the road I want to add a login system and forum so ppl can pm one another from one site, this will also allow for teams to propose trades through the site to one another accepting, rejecting, and countering offers

    What are the plans for the future of BATSTAT?
    at some point down the road, I want to use the text save output. this contains so much more info, in fact, it has all of the games info in nice little CSV files:
    : deeper team info schedules, splits, LH RH line-ups
    : more league info creating story lines. Whos trading who Hot stove
    eventually i want BATSTAT to be a one stop content management system for baseball mogul online leagues, and hopefully drive more interest and keeping the interest there is in this game.

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    Re: Online Leagues Stat Tracking

    WOW ive had this up here for a little but now and only one vote and no reply on 90 views. i guess this isnt as good an idea as i thought.

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    Re: Online Leagues Stat Tracking

    Ok so a little update im still working on the program and am trying to get it all rdy for the launch of the next installment of baseball mogul. assuming there are no major changes in the way i grab the info from the game. ive been hung up on how to import 1915+ rows of info into a database without having the server time me out this became a struggle. There are 383,000 total pieces of info and that number grows every season. i just figured out how to import the data in less than 3 seconds so the hard part is over. i currently have a working secured admin area for commissioners to update the app, i have to re write some of the scripts for retrieving the data as the file has changed a little since i started working on the app. I should have a basic working release this spring including a league home page, Team pages, League leaders, sort able stats , players page with player info, a list of Free Agents. and possibly some other minor functions. I know its been awhile since i started the app to bringing it to the community but life happens and im only one man. So keep an eye out for the demo in the next few weeks.

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