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Thread: Official Patch: Version v20.12

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    Official Patch: Version v20.12

    This patch is version 20.12 of Baseball Mogul 2017.

    Changes from 20.11 to 20.12:
    1. Fixed minor league players with low defensive ratings.
    2. Fixed inflated minor league batting stats.
    3. Fixed missing birthdays for 213 players (out of 222 with missing data).

    Changes from 20.09 to 20.11 include:
    1. Reduced in-season retirements.
    2. Bug fix: Utility infielders ("IF") were being shown as "IF/1B".
    3. Bug fix: "Signed as free agent at $0 for 0 years." (Transactions).
    4. Fixed a bug in player aging curve for 'Speed' and 'Eye' ratings.

    The self-installing patch is available on the Baseball Mogul Updates Page.

    If you need to install the patch manually, download this ZIP file and follow these instructions:

    1) Close Baseball Mogul if you are running it.
    2) Download the zipped patch file (e.g. "" to your desktop).
    3) Double-click the file to unzip it.
    4) Open your Baseball Mogul 2017 folder (by choosing 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu)
    5) Copy the unzipped file(s) (e.g. "BB-2017.exe") to your Baseball Mogul 2017 folder (e.g. "C:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2017")
    6) Approve any requests to copy over existing files.
    7) Run the game normally using any previously installed shortcuts.

    (The above assumes that you installed Baseball Mogul to the default directory).

    Pleast email support at sportsmogul dot com with feedback or bug reports.

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    Re: Official Patch: Version v20.12

    Thanks for the 20.14 update. BTW, I like the new web site design!
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