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Thread: Baseball Mogul 2017: Official Patch (Version 20.02)

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    Baseball Mogul 2017: Official Patch (Version 20.02)

    A new official patch has been posted for Baseball Mogul 2017 at

    This patch:

    1) Adds Jose Ramirez to Cleveland Indians roster; fixes batting hand and throwing hand for Sam Travis (Red Sox prospect).
    2) Fixes bug with 2017 season schedule (home and away games are reversed).
    3) Adds All-Star break to 2017 season schedule.
    4) Fixes the League Builder feature (by correcting files in "League Builder Rosters" folder).
    5) Fixes a small error in WAR calculation code.
    6) Fixes an error displaying batting ratings on "Sortable Stats" Dialog.
    7) Fixes 'Position' field for retired pitchers (both starters and relievers were listed as "RP").
    8) Updates the help file.

    If you are in the middle of the 2017 season, this patch should fix the home/away problem without having to start a new game.

    However, you will have to start a new 2017 season to see the roster changes (Ramirez and Travis) or the All-Star Game.

    Install this patch by following these instructions:

    1) Download BaseballMogul2017-v2002-Patch.exe to your desktop.
    2) Double-click the attached file to run the patch installer.
    3) Run the game normally using any previously installed shortcuts.

    (The above assumes that you installed Baseball Mogul 2017 to the default directory).


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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2017: Official Patch (Version 20.02)

    When i use the new patch installer it doesnt update the game version after i have installed it, my game still says version 20.00, also my help file still is opening with no info anymore.

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