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Thread: Player Ratings / Developement?

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    Player Ratings / Developement?

    Hi All,

    The one other issue I've had in my first season of BM-2016 (other than my post about starting pitching) is my players actually developing too well and too fast. I don't believe I've changed any settings to cause this, unless bumping the Red Sox scouting or farm system rating a tad causes this. To be more specific, I did a fantasy draft so most teams probably have similar talent levels, and I thus have my handful of highly rated player (88-90+) or prospects with high potential ratings. As I've gotten to July/August in my first season almost every player with a potential rating in the 80's or high has rocketed up to being a stud with a rating of 88+. This includes less surprising players like Blake Swihart who I drafted as my DH and plays every day hoping he'd improve quickly, but also players I'm pretty surprised about. Those include examples such as Aaron Hicks, Mike Zunino, Dalton Pompey, Stephen Pryor, RJ Alvarez, Manny Baneulos and Mychal Givens ALL rocketing to be 88+ rated studs, AND 3 or 4 of my draft picks from this year (2016) also already 88+ rated!

    Has anyone else seen this? Any settings I should check? Obviously I want my players to improve but it's not very realistic for every player I draft to become an All-Star caliber player the same year they are drafted. In past versions of Baseball Mogul I've actually been frustrated by how few 90+ prospects ever actually become great, and how my roster ratings seem to collective all decline, watching my core group of 90+ players rapidly become mediocre 80-somethings for some reason. Now I have the opposite issue.

    Thank you! Looking forward to discussing.

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    Re: Player Ratings / Developement?

    I think the Sanity check disappeared?
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    Relish this day..

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