So I've been gone three months. Still have many ideas to thoroughly investigate. I'd like to be less unshakeably perfectionist if I'm able to. God's will be done in my life and made reality for those that touch faces with me. Even whilst facing throes from the dark realm, the lamp of our divine hand strongly prevails.

Have had some entrepreneurial considerations to look into during free time. But have also taken several courses and per usual read books on an abundant diversity of many topics. Moving onwards I've come up with a list of similar reading material that has a sequential accordance. I try to make my posts have much organized semblance so that there's apparent linearity. It has been my innate belief that a structural rendering of the written content offers added aesthetic harmony.

Hope to draw from the game design and baseball literature I've noted down for expected readings. Not sure when I'll get to it; mainly intend that it'd be colorfully sprinkled in any future threads. That which I can happily perform in the goal to tie up all the loose knots and lead others toward redeemed salvation. There remain apologetic metaphors that are notably relevant, whence thusly applied to the modern sports world.

More Info: Aim to get off on a ricocheting momentum firmly rooted upon the same motifs driven thus far. Not only this, as yet I'd positively anticipate sustained faith built atop a prolongated relationship in the Most High God.

Further Details: Have tried to customize signature so that it reflects changes made over the last few monthly intervals. If it won't burst into view for you, just know that my ebook series is at this link. In a related breadth, you're apt to raptly enter imgur again with the next url.