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Thread: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Friday, May 6, 1977 6:40 pm

    1st round 21st pick Tennessee selects A.J. Duhe, linebacker, LSU
    1st round 22nd pick New York selects Wesley Walker, California
    1st round 23rd pick Washington selects Wilson Faumuina, defensive tackle, San Jose State

    7:04 pm Harry Gilmer approaches the podium for the 24th time on the evening, “with the twenty-fourth pick in the 1977 NAFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select Warren Bryant, tackle, Kentucky. Dallas is now on the clock.”

    “Well that does it……Dallas picks Cory and we are going with a defensive back,” barked Sanders when he heard the news.
    “I agree….if we can’t get Sweitzer then we need to focus on Herman Edwards. What does everyone think,” exclaimed Coryell.
    “Hey guys…Gilmer is already heading to the podium,” observed Altizer. “Only two minutes and their pick is in……It’s Tony Hill.”

    1st round 25th pick Dallas selects Tony Hill, wide receiver, Stanford

    Coryell smiled and circled Sweitzer’s name on the board, “Call it in…….wait…..let’s take our time…..wait until eight minutes in on the clock before we call it in…..” the room broke into a barrage of clapping and laughter.

    7:14 pm “With the 26th pick in the 1977 NAFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Cory Sweitzer, tackle, Arizona State. Toronto is now on the clock.” Scouting report on Sweitzer: This kid has a strong future, but he’s not there yet. Give him time. Sweitzer, 6’6” 275 lbs, is a big bodied offensive lineman who started 22 games at Arizona State at left tackle. He is s strong pass blocking tackle and has great discipline.

    1st round 27th pick Toronto selects Gary Jeter, defensive end, USC
    1st round 28th pick New England selects Stanley Morgan, wide receiver, Tennessee
    1st round 29th pick New Orleans selects Ted McKnight, running back, Minnesota-Duluth
    1st round 30th pick Green Bay selects Ezra Johnson, defensive end, Morris Brown

    7:57 pm Commissioner Gilmer walked up to the podium for the last time of the evening. “With the thirty-first pick in the 1977 NAFL draft the Jacksonville Bulls select Vince Ferragamo, quarterback, Nebraska. That concludes the first round.”

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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Saturday, May 7, 1977

    “Day 2 of the NAFL draft began today at 9 AM” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    Day 2 of the NAFL draft began quickly this morning as the Atlanta Falcons submitted their pick 2 minutes after going on the clock. The Falcons acquired the 2nd round pick from the Detroit Lions last season and used it to strengthen their offensive line with Arkansas guard R.C. Thielemann. Today each team got 7 minutes on the clock as they negotiated through the second and third rounds. The draft concludes on Sunday with rounds 4-7. San Diego’s team representatives stationed at their specific table at the venue kept in contact with its draft room all afternoon. As the news was communicated, it became clear that targeted defensive backs on the Bolts draft board may not be available when the Chargers went on the clock. With the 33rd pick Baltimore snagged Elon University cornerback Brent Sexton. San Diego State’s Herman Edwards joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as the 37th pick. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay used the 46th pick to secure Southern Miss defensive back Carl Allen. At roughly 12 pm Sanders, Altizer and Coryell gathered with Zampese in the “war room” and concluded that a change to the planned strategy was required. Having two picks in the third round and surprised that quarterback Glenn Carano was still available it was decided to take the UNLV signal caller. At 12:07 pm, with the 57th pick, San Diego selected quarterback Glenn Carano. Carano threw for 5,095 yards and 37 touchdowns as a Rebel and will battle for the backup job to incumbent starter Dan Fouts.

    The third round began at 1 pm and Detroit kicked it off with the 63rd pick and selected wide receiver Emery Moorhead out of Colorado. San Diego had two picks in the third round. They used the 67th pick to grab linebacker Linden King out of Colorado St. and the 88th pick to add Northwestern safety Pete Shaw to the roster. “We had a great afternoon. We got a solid quarterback in Carano. King is a great linebacker with great run defense and pass rush skills. Shaw is a solid tackler with good pass defense skills. So yeah I would call today a success,” reflected Coach Coryell on the day’s journey. “I look forward to seeing Cory, Glenn, Linden and Pete in our rookie minicamp in a few weeks.”

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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Sunday, May 8, 1977

    “Draft weekend provides San Diego with 10 rookies” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    The 1977 NAFL draft concluded Sunday evening in New York. It was a busy afternoon as the San Diego Chargers added 6 more players to their roster. The Bolts began their day with the 99th pick, acquired from Pittsburgh, and selected fullback Tony Benjamin out of Duke University. Benjamin is a really impressive prospect with good speed and size. “We will need to work on his blocking skills, but I am thrilled we got another big back on the roster,” commented Earnel Durden about the new addition to his offensive backfield. Joining Benjamin in the 4th round with the 119th pick was Boston University defensive end Dave Lindstrom. All the picks from the weekend include:
    1st round 26th pick Cory Sweitzer, tackle, Arizona State
    2nd round 57th pick Glenn Carano, quarterback, UNLV
    3rd round 67th pick Linden King, linebacker, Colorado State
    3rd round 88th pick Pete Shaw, safety, Northwestern
    4th round 99th pick Tony Benjamin, fullback, Duke
    4th round 119th pick Dave Lindstrom, defensive end, Boston University
    5th round 150th pick Clarence Williams, running back, South Carolina
    6th round 167th pick Jerome Dove, cornerback, Colorado State
    6th round 181st pick Curtis Townsend, defensive tackle, Arkansas
    7th round 212th pick Hank Bauer, running back, California Lutheran

    Upcoming dates for the San Diego Chargers
    Rookie minicamp May 20-22 (rookies and undrafted free agents; second year players optional)
    OTA (organized team activities) offseason work outs May 27-29; June 3-5; June 10-12
    Mandatory team minicamp June 17-19
    The Rookie Symposium (orientation program) Cleveland, Ohio June 23-26
    Training camp (Rookies report) July 20
    Training camp (Veterans report) July 22
    Training camp (First practice) July 23
    Pre season opener (San Diego @ St. Louis) Saturday, August 6
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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Monday, May 23, 1977

    “Weekend rookie minicamp concludes” David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    All recently drafted rookies, numerous undrafted rookies, and some second year players attended a minicamp this weekend. The camp began on Friday and ran through the weekend. It was aimed at getting newly drafted rookies acclimated to the speed and pace of the NAFL. “The playbook was the size of a college text book and it might as well been written in a different language,” remarked rookie running back Clarence Williams. “It was a tough weekend.” Overall Coach Coryell was pleased with the turnout, “it was a good weekend we had a descent turnout. Some of the guys had a difficult time adjusting the speed and intensity of the practice.” The 10 drafted rookies were joined by 12 undrafted rookies, 14 tryouts, and 7 second year players making a total of 43 men on the field and in the meeting rooms throughout the three day event.

    “Construction well under way on new facilities” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    Construction on the new “Chargers Park” practice facility/business offices, which began in early March, is making great progress. Murphy Canyon Road has been busy with construction activities and traffic throughout the month of May. “I am told construction is right on schedule and we should be moving over in March or April,“ mentioned Coach Coryell Monday afternoon.

    Preseason Power Rankings have been released. Roger Staubach and his Dallas Texans top the list, while Fouts and Company settle into 5th place. Listed below are the top 12 in the league as of May 23, 1977
    1. Dallas Texans
    2. Arizona Wranglers
    3. Jacksonville Bulls
    4. Toronto Argonauts
    5. San Diego Chargers
    6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    7. Chicago Bears
    8. Los Angeles Express
    9. Pittsburgh Steelers
    10. Carolina Panthers
    11. Oklahoma City Outlaws
    12. Green Bay Packers

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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Tuesday, May 24, 1977

    “Two undrafted rookies find a home in southern California” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    Two undrafted rookies had a very successful camp this past weekend and it landed them an invitation to join the team on a more permanent basis. University of Tennessee wide receiver Larry Seivers and Nicholls State receiver Gerald Butler both impressed receivers coach Aaron Thomas enough that he petitioned to get them added to the active roster. “Both men exhibited great skill set and performed well throughout the weekend,” mentioned Thomas. “I look forward to seeing those guys on the field this weekend at our first OTA.” Larry Seivers had a productive college career at Tennessee compiling 117 receptions for 1,924 yards and 8 touchdowns in 35 games. Gerald Butler snagged 107 receptions for 1,644 yards and 5 touchdowns for the Colonels of Nicholls State. “Both men are very athletic and showed lots of promise this past weekend,” commented Coach Coryell after agreeing with Thomas to bring the two on board. Both men will attend the first OTA of the year this weekend at San Diego State University. The addition of the two receivers put the total roster count at 81.

    Free Agent Tracker

    The Atlanta Falcons and free agent wide receiver Ron Shanklin hava agree to a 2 year contract worth $805,000 a year with a $40,000 signing bonus. Shanklin, who spent the last four seasons in Oklahoma City, has 295 receptions, 4,056 yards, and 36 touchdowns in his seven year career

    Injury report

    Linebacker David Wright is making great progress toward a full recovery and should be ready to go when training camp officially begins in July. Wright is entering his eight season with San Diego. He holds the Bolts single season tackle record with 132 and is the career tackles leader with 689. Wright has averaged 6.2 tackles per game over his career, also a San Diego record. “I am going to attend the OTA this weekend. Matter of fact, I will be at all of them. Being around these guys just makes me feel better and work harder to get back on the field.” Wright is recovering from a torn ankle ligament he suffered last October.
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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Friday, July 1, 1977

    “Class of 1977 Hall of Fame Inductees introduced” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    The first class to be inducted into the NAFL Hall of Fame was introduced Friday afternoon at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, New York. The 46 member selection committee elected long time Green Bay Packers Tackle Forrest Gregg and Linebacker Ray Nitschke, and Los Angeles Rams/Express Linebacker Maxie Baughan. In addition, the 9 member seniors committee, which submits nominees prior to the 1970 season, selected FB/HB John Henry Johnson, Center Jim Ringo, DG/G Bill Willis, and DT/T Leo Nomellini. The seven members of the Class of 1977 will be inducted into the New Hall of Fame Facility in Canton, Ohio on July 31.

    “OTA’s and mandatory team minicamps complete” – David Warner, San Diego tribune

    Coach Coryell announced this afternoon that the OTA/minicamp season has concluded and all players have been released for a month of rest and relaxation. They have to report back here in San Diego at the end of July for the official start of training camp. This year’s training camp will be held at San Diego State University while the new “Chargers Park” is being constructed. Camp will officially begin July 23. “We had great month and our OTA’s were a success. The rookies performed well and most of the veteran players were in great shape,” Coach Coryell said with a smile.”Those few that struggled should be ready for the beginning of camp.” Coach also mentioned that there will be 81 names on the roster when the camp begins, “Getting that down to 66 by the start of the regular season is always a challenge,’ he continued, “But we have a great coaching staff so I am positive the right decisions will be made.”

    Presented is a list of those players that will be arriving in San Diego at the end of July to begin their personal quest to make the starting roster

    Head Coach Don Coryell

    Offensive Coordinator Ernie Zampese

    Offensive Backs Coach (RB/FB/QB): Earnel Durden
    QB: Dan Fouts, Glenn Carano, Neal Jeffery, Josh Hatch
    RB: Chuck Muncie, Mike Montgomery, Clarence Williams, Hank Bauer, Gary Davis, Glenn Lee Bonner
    FB: Don Woods,Tony Benjamin

    WR/TE Coach: Aaron Thomas
    WR: Charlie Joiner, John Cathey, Johnny Rodgers, Dwight McDonald, Brian Hazeltine, Gary Garrison, Artie Owens, Larry Dorsey, Gerald Butler, Larry Seivers, Dan Christensen, Joe Harper
    TE: Gary Parris, Bob Klein, Chuck Bradley, Jim Thaxton, Jim Stansik

    Offensive Line Coach: Bobb McKittrick
    G: Doug Wilkerson, Ed White, Ralph Perretta, Booker Brown, Charlie Harper, Greg Peters
    T: Ron Singleton, Billy Shields, Jim Nicholson, Cory Sweitzer, Thomas Thigpen, Charles Alu
    C: Don Macek, Alex Parkinson, Mark Markovich

    Defensive Coordinator: Jackie Simpson

    Defensive Line Coach: Rudy Feldman
    DE: Gary Johnson, Leroy Jones, Keith Harris, Dave Lindstrom, John Grant, Ernie Kirk
    DT: Wally Chambers, Louie Kelcher, Charles DeJurnett, John Lee, Curtis Townsend

    Linebackers Coach: Jeff Staggs
    LB: David Wright, Woodrow Lowe, Fred Dean, Bob Horn, Linden King, Don Goode, Ray Preston, William Singletary, Jon Knoble, Wesley Reynolds, Rick Middleton

    Defensive Backs Coach: Larrye Weaver
    CB: Ron Bolton, Mike Williams, Brandon Stewart, Hal Stringert, Shawn Wilson, Sam Williams, Jerome Dove, Joe Green
    S: Bruce Laird, Mike Fuller, Pete Shaw, Clarence Duren, Chris Fletcher

    Special Teams Coach: Mike Eischeid
    K: Gary Ellsworth
    P: Mike Appleton

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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Sunday, July 24, 1977

    “Training camp season has arrived around the NAFL” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    With the first weekend of training camp nearing a conclusion, teams around the NAFL are digging in for the long season ahead. “On Saturday we operated in full gear for the first time this year,” commented Coach Coryell. “Some tempers flared as the veterans flexed their muscles and the rookies tried to find their place.” Coach Coryell noted that Linebackers Coach Jeff Staggs had a particularly difficult time at the start as several disagreements broken out amongst his troops. That is until veteran leader David Wright quelled the disputes. “He was instrumental in getting us back on track. A couple of the rookies and first year players trying to make an impression got a little carried away. David, rather quickly I might add, took care of the issues then turned to me and said…..Ok coach let’s get to it,” remarked a smiling Jeff Staggs when asked about the incidents. Coach Coryell also mentioned that the battle for roster spots within the wide receiver and tight end corps is going to particularly tough, “Thomas has got seventeen men under his wing and they are competing for 9 positions on the starting roster. We will carry 6 receivers and 3 tight ends into the regular season. Of course there will be some designated for the practice squad. But nobody comes into training camp trying to make the practice squad.” Coach Coryell released his available roster positions to David Warner Sunday evening

    A total of 66 players (53 starters, 13 practice squad) by the August 30 deadline

    Quarterbacks: 3 (active)
    Running Backs: 3 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Fullbacks: 2 (active)
    Tight Ends: 3 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Wide Receivers: 6 (active) 3 (practice squad)
    Tackles: 4 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Guards: 4 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Centers: 2 (active)
    Defensive Ends: 4 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Defensive Tackles: 4 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Linebackers: 7 (active) 2 (practice squad)
    Cornerbacks: 5 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Safeties: 4 (active) 1 (practice squad)
    Special teams: 1 kicker active; 1 punter active

    News from around the league

    All eyes around the NAFL are fixed on the heated quarterback competition taking place in Baltimore. Veteran signal caller Joe Reed and rookie Matt Robinson had an excellent weekend practice. “Both are ready to go. It’s going to a tight race. But it’s only been three days….We’ll see how things play out over the next three weeks,” commented Baltimore lead man Tom Bass when asked about his quarterback situation.

    Free Agent Tracker

    General Manager Johnny Sanders and the San Diego Chargers have expanded their roster to 82 players this past weekend when they signed undrafted rookie free agent Keith Jenkins. Jenkins, out of the University of Cincinnati, signed a one year league minimum deal on Sunday morning. “Jenkins was with us back in May and with veteran safety Chris Fletcher’s durability a question we have opted to carry another safety for the time being. The kid showed promise….so Coach Coryell, Edwin and I have decided to give him a chance to make the team.”
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    Re: The San Diego Chargers "Glory Road....or not"

    Thursday, July 28, 1977

    Team practice report

    The team has worked through mid 80 degree weather through the first week of training camp at San Diego State University. “It’s been warm out there on the field. We’ve been monitoring the players well-being throughout the two-a-days,” observed Coach Coryell. “Keeping these young men healthy while getting them prepped for our first pre season contest can be a challenge.” This afternoon the team held their first scrimmage. The team ran through a nearly full games worth of plays and Coach Coryell was pleased with the results. He noted the play of rookies Clarence Williams and Cory Sweitzer. “Both men are determined to make the team and are playing hard. They will both see some significant playing time next week in St. Louis.”

    Front Office Report
    GM Johnny Sanders met with Chief Scout Nicholas McKenzie Thursday afternoon to discuss the undrafted free agent and general free agent market. Sanders confirmed with David Warner later that day that the organization is looking into a few of the unsigned offensive linemen and Linebackers populating both markets. He also noted that several teams have expressed some interest in ten year veteran tackle Thomas Thigpen. “The Assistant Director-Pro Scouting Bernie Erickson has been evaluating our options.” In Addition, Sanders had an evening meeting with Chester and Claude Altizer and the financial department concerning this year’s financial direction. In attendance at the meeting were the President of Football Operations Edwin Altizer and the Director of Player Personnel Lorne Altizer. The budget was set forth as follows

    Franchise Value: $204 Million

    Per game expenses
    Scouting: $16,330
    Medical: $24,210
    Player Salaries: $914,518
    Operating Expenses: $118,757
    Owner Dividends: $445,944

    Last Year’s Revenue: $24,525,372
    Last Year’s Expenses: $22,006,829
    Cash: $4,314,521

    “Bolts reward Fouts with contract extension” – David Warner, San Diego Tribune

    Sources indicate that the San Diego Front office has awarded their ace quarterback Dan Fouts a contract extension keeping him in a Bolts uniform through the 1981 season. The deal is reportedly worth $1,645,000 a year and makes Fouts the third highest paid quarterback in the league as we head into the 1977 season. Fouts has completed 1,668 passes for 19,120 yards and 136 touchdowns during his career with the Chargers, all team records.
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