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Thread: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.18

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    Unofficial Patch: Version 19.18

    This patch is version 19.18 of Baseball Mogul 2016.

    Changes since version 19.17:

    1) Small fixes/improvements to Expansion Draft interface
    2) Fixed the "Prohbiit No-Trade Clauses" check box (in the Roster Rules Dialog)
    3) Fixed a crash bug in the Build Stadium Dialog
    4) Fixed a crash bug when loading some database from before Version 15.00
    5) Fixed the extreme wildness displayed by some tired pitchers in Play-By-Play Mode

    Install this patch by following these instructions:

    1) Download the attached file "" to your desktop.
    2) Double-click the attached file to unzip it.
    3) Open your Baseball Mogul 2016 folder (by choosing 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu)
    4) Close Baseball Mogul 2016.
    5) Copy the unzipped file ("BB-2016.exe") to your Baseball Mogul 2016 folder (e.g. "C:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2016\")
    6) Approve any requests to copy over existing files.
    7) Run the game normally using any previously installed shortcuts.

    (The above assumes that you installed Baseball Mogul 2016 to the default directory).


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    Clay Dreslough, Sports Mogul Inc.
    cjd at sportsmogul dot com / blog / twitter

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