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Thread: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.13

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    Unofficial Patch: Version 19.13

    This patch (19.13) includes the following changes since Version 19.12:

    1) Optimizes the League Builder by about 90%. In addition to making it much faster to start a game using this feature, this should also eliminate the problem some people have had with the game appearing to "hang" when trying to use the League Builder.

    2) Rewrites the code for players learning new positions and shifting down the defensive spectrum as they age. This includes new feedback on the Change Position dialog box about where a player will perform well defensively and where they will struggle.

    Install this patch by following these instructions:

    1) Download the attached file "" to your desktop.
    2) Double-click the attached file to unzip it.
    3) Open your Baseball Mogul 2016 folder (by choosing 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu)
    4) Close Baseball Mogul 2016.
    5) Copy the unzipped file ("BB-2016.exe") to your Baseball Mogul 2016 folder (e.g. "C:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2016\")
    6) Approve any requests to copy over existing files.
    7) Run the game normally using any previously installed shortcuts.

    (The above assumes that you installed Baseball Mogul 2016 to the default directory).

    I would appreciate your feedback on item #2. Long-time Mogul players should note that changing a player's position no longer directly penalizes their ratings. A player's position affects how the player is used by the manager, but their innate abilities (e.g. Arm, Range and Fielding) are unaffected. Each player's current skill at each defensive position can be seen on the field diagram in the upper left of the Scouting Report. If a player gains playing time at an appropriate new position (as shown in the Change Position dialog) you should see their skill level rise over 1-2 seasons. If they are moved to a less suitable position, they will struggle to perform well. It would be great if some of you could experiment with this part of the game and send feedback on the level of realism.


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    Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.13

    I ran a test at one point and the created athlete registered excessive sums for error count in fielding positions that did not have accumulated statistical projections. I'd much prefer to go by calculated predictions instead of using the rating system which is not always the most decisive indicator. I've made the effort of anticipating performance by an intuitive yardstick measure... but you can only approximate developments so much until you reach the stage where quantum chaos begins to set in. Godel's theory dictated even when the setup appears closed there may be looming external influences that can never have been freely taken apart. Uncertainty principle states that even when the more innate details become known, at the smallest division they are flung away and the resulting behavior fractizes.

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