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Thread: 19.10 Historical rosters [Fixed 19.12]

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    19.10 Historical rosters [Fixed 19.12]

    Not sure what happened but rosters went to crap again. lots of peaked youngsters being rated like 48, 50 and so on. Even a couple peaked players in the draft. This was with my usual test file of 1993.

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    Re: 19.10 Historical rosters

    I started an Expansion for 1969 Padres. During the Expansion draft I noticed a bunch of Catchers who were showing up as Shortstops.
    Just to name a few: Joe Azcue, John Bateman, Paul Casanova, Clay Dalrymple.
    I did not check for other "misplaced" positions, these just jumped out at me.

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    Re: 19.10 Historical rosters

    Problem's in the current rosters, also. Where's Houston GM when you need him?

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