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Thread: Longevity scores post 2009

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    Longevity scores post 2009

    Can any other members affirm this, or is it just me?

    From the help menu: Part of what makes Baseball Mogul enjoyable is the degree of unpredictability each time you play... In other words, Baseball Mogul is not a "replay" product designed to painstakingly repeat the past. Instead, it is a game where you put yourself in the shoes of team management, and must make the same decisions that they have to make. However, Baseball Mogul does provide options to make your simulation more predictable. One of these is "Don't Randomize Players". This checkbox removes much of this randomness from Baseball Mogul. Players will mature and age along pretty much the same career path every time you play.
    In many saved .mog files I've tried, the longevity rating is stuck at 100 for each player. Is there a way to work around this, so that it's randomly assorted?? I did a recent forum post that deals with this issue using quoted material. But it may only apply to new games after the 2010 baseball season... so if you open the game in year 2009 the player values are more random. I've tried 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 [too] and they all seem to have the described problem. I've taken a second look at the player settings, and I'm pretty sure they only apply to the draft talent pool. When you go to the edit screen, longevity rating is set to 100 for just about every player [except for pre 2009]. So if one were to pull up Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera in 2010... they'd also have longevity scores fixed at 100. I had come across ways to fix this, yet it does not appear to work over a consistent interval [when desired].

    This was mostly from virtual exchange via email and the like...

    Still has not been entirely resolved; stated reply came forth of it:

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    Re: Longevity scores post 2009

    When I start a new game in 2011 (using Baseball Mogul 2016), everyone has different (random) longevity values. Are you seeing longevity ratings stuck at 100 at game start, or after some amount of simming?

    "Don't Randomize Players" just sets "Aging Randomness" in Player Settings to "-100%". So if you think it's related to that, you could go to Player Settings and increase the Aging Randomness setting.
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    Re: Longevity scores post 2009

    In such context, where the user cannot alter longevity scores... perhaps there'd be a way to do so in upcoming editions during import.

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