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Thread: Player ratings now a mess [fixed 19.02]

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    Player ratings now a mess [fixed 19.02]

    Since uploading the recent BM2016 patch, the player ratings displayed during the PBP have NO relation to the rating on the player profile. BM 41116.htm

    I don't know if the photo I've attached will display, but this is typical:
    Stephen Piscotty (in PBP): Contact 45, Power 75, Speed 72, Eye 73, Bunt 92.
    Stephen Piscotty (in profile): Contact 74, Power 81, Speed 76, Eye 87, Bunt 90.

    This is absolutely typical, in addition to the player ratings taking a nose-dive in general.

    It is making the game unenjoyable and unplayable. I don't understand why this is happening.
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    Re: Player ratings now a mess

    Should be fixed in 19.02, let me know if the problem persists after the next patch.
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    Re: Player ratings now a mess

    It's not fixed in Version 19.03. How does one of the top 10 prospects, Dansby Swanson, have a peak rating of 81? Also, your rosters still show him on the Arizona roster instead of Atlanta.

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