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Thread: Trump, As In Rump (by Bill James)

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    Re: Trump, As In Rump (by Bill James)

    So you have massive sensitivity to posts before yours (from two weeks ago), and then post directly below them, and then shy away from discussion?

    Also odd that you are so sensitive to name calling and then vote for a guy who made it his platform? But maybe that's the problem - it's ok when OTHERS are called names. Loser, rapist, thug, terrorist, etc

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    Re: Trump, As In Rump (by Bill James)

    I am not one to shy away from anything. This "discussion", however, is becoming...nonsensical.

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    Re: Trump, As In Rump (by Bill James)

    So the old man TRUMP tweets too much for the left. Biden can't even complete a sentence .. so he pretty much can't tweet.

    Good ol' uncle Joe has manage to run the economy into the ground in just 2 years. With his let us go GO GREEN agenda, we are now stagnating and it stinks.
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