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Thread: Basketball strategy games

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    Basketball strategy games

    Hi all,

    Not sure where else to post, so I figured this is the best place. Feel free to move to a more appropriate place if necessary.

    I'm looking for the best NBA/College strategy game. I'm looking for a game similar to the Sports Mogul or OOTP games.

    I found one at which seems good, but I can't tell just from the website.

    Any advice would be appreciated


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    Re: Basketball strategy games

    The best college basketball sim game I have played by far is Fast Break College Basketball, which is available at
    It's a fantasy game, so none of the players are real, but the strategies and recruiting process are very fun and in-depth. They also have a pro game, which I believe has a similar setup, but I haven't played it, as I greatly prefer the college basketball to the NBA. Hope this is helpful!

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    Re: Basketball strategy games

    ActionPC Basketball is a fun game if you enjoy playing strategy text games with real players. The game is currently discounted during the all star break. What the game lacks is successive seasons and amateur drafts. This game is more for historical replay and in depth features to play a game or tournament. It also costs extra for additional seasons, but for right now, it is one of the better computer basketball games that I found.
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