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Thread: Amateur Draft and Player Fatigue...

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    Amateur Draft and Player Fatigue...

    Just a couple quick questions....

    My options for the amateur draft were inadverently turned off for the last two seasons so my rosters have become a bit thinner than I would like. Is there a way I can somehow do an amateur draft at another point during the season or manually create new players to add to the league?

    Also, I notice players tire quite quickly - even with a day off their status often goes right back to tired then sore right away. Is there a setting I can alter that will allow the players to fatigue less rapidly?


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    Re: Amateur Draft and Player Fatigue...

    Seems as if you are not using enough defensive substitutions, then again the injury settings could mediate personal tendencies including that of which you've clearly drawn upon. Much of what stimulates consistent enthusiasm for the enduring product is the malleable dimension to which users repeatedly transform their world to meet their heart's desire, almost like that of a porous clay. Besides this it'd be notably exciting to see a more elaborate generate injury button.

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