Like some of my more recent posts; this one also muses on steroid usage. Ken Caminiti was highly known for his unique prestige as a switch hitting corner infielder and at the very least had a well grounded defensive reputation. All the same, [he] was clearly marked statistically speaking for a mostly obvious occasion of which affirms cheating cogitations. If you gaze at his 1996 MVP stats and the preceding performances you may rationally recognize apparent attributes which have a look that signals steroids.

Yet Rico Petrocelli has a similar stat line (see 1969 year too)... was defensively exceptional (could play shortstop) and of the utmost natural talent. The latter had led the league in fielding numbers several times but never won a gold glove (a bit iffy)?? You may observe undeniable similarities when trying to match either of these two players. So a lot of users could prefer the first of the two owing to the raw stats for all I know how do you feel about it??? And maybe you're aware of ways for astutely explaining some of the lurking irregularities.