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Thread: Official Patch: Version 13.06

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    Official Patch: Version 13.06

    Official Patch: Version 13.06

    Fixes the following since 13.05:

    (1) Fixed a crash that would occur while controlling more than 2 teams.

    (2) Fantasy Draft Crash Bug - It now stops after 65 rounds.

    (3) Fixed 4th Quarter being shown as 'Overtime' in PBP mode.

    (4) Fixed bug where game could get stuck in 'Finish Quarter' mode.



    To install this official patch:

    (1) Download the attached zip file "".
    (2) Open the folder in which the zip file was downloaded into.
    (3) Here you can do one of two things:
    (3a) Double click the folder to view the contents in the folder, or
    (3b) Right click the folder and press the "Extract All" or "Unzip Folder" button. This will unzip all of the contents that are in the folder.
    (4) Select both of those files and copy them into the "Football Mogul 16" folder.
    (4a) If you do not know how to get into the FB16 folder, start a game, then go into the "Help" menu at the top. Select "Open game folder".
    (5) If any notifications come up that say there is already a file with this name, "Copy and replace" both files. This will put the new file into the folder.
    (6) Run the game normally (or double-click on the new EXE file that you just copied in).


    NOTE: This version does not work with Windows XP. We will be issuing a Windows XP executable on or before October 24th.
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    Re: Un-Official Version 13.06

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