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Thread: Ability to edit draft classes and better photo integration

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    Ability to edit draft classes and better photo integration

    First, I would love to have the ability to edit draft classes for the .dat file in this game. Even if I had to pay like $5 for a separate editor program, I would do it. It's frustrating to see how many errors slip through the cracks on this year-to-year, and, also, to have to deal with so many fictional players created when playing a historical sim.

    Second, I would love it if this game stole the way images are integrated into the game from the way Grey Dog Software's Fast Break Pro Basketball does it.

    -There's year-to-year integration of changing color schemes and logos via a .CSV file that can be edited by the player. (Currently, helmet and logo combinations can change by the number designations from year-to-year game start. This is a frustrating and pointless nuisance.)

    -There's also a great way to ensure unique player photos are attached to the right player. The photo is named in the following manner: firstname_lastname_dateofbirth.

    With this style of naming system, players like Roy Williams, Mike Williams, Chris Clemons, Reggie White, CJ Wilson, CJ Mosley, and a whole slew of other players can get individual photos linked to their correct player without having to go through the numbering system currently offered--which is inconsistent from game start to game start. (As far as I can tell, there is no internal consistency within the game database that is directly and permanently linked to one player or even team.)

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    Re: Ability to edit draft classes and better photo integration

    In fbm 17 when editing or attempting to edit a draft class, it'll come back and say that the player cannot be copied bcause room for the player does not exist. The ability to add players to draft classes would be good for before the next version comes around. In this year's (2017) draft I only saw 2 picks in the game that the steelers made of the 8 picks that they actually had in the draft. Now I do understand that those were probably the two players that they had in there at the time that they knew would definitely appear in the draft back around the time it was first released? That's my feeling as to why most of the 8 players that they did take in the draft weren't in there.

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