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Thread: Clash of Clans anyone tried it yet?

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    Clash of Clans anyone tried it yet?

    This ol' guy had a friend introduce me to the free game last week. I'm retired and have the time to waste and play it. Seems a lot of people around the world are playing it. It only cost if you buy GEMS which you don't have to do.

    Also players form clans to battle each other in major wars. I am just starting out and it is too early to join a clan.

    I also don't have one of those fancy phones or ipad thingys. But I play it on my pc (big screen) using an free emulator called BlueStacks.

    Anyone else tried it or is playing it?

    UPDATE: I switched emulators and I am now using "Andy" instead of "BlueStacks". BlueStacks kept downloading and adding more apps to my hard drive. Andy is totally free with no strings attached for using it.

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    Re: Clash of Clans anyone tried it yet?

    Waiting for Fallout....

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