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Thread: Possible BBM bug. Data loss

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    Possible BBM bug. Data loss

    I have played Baseball mogul dynasty from 2011 to 2020 (current year). Suddenly all the data/statistics of players from team names starting from A (Arizona D-backs) to D (Detroit Tigers) is gone (except for a single line which shows stats of about 8 games or so). I made some tweaks a while back in the Options, but I don't think the data loss happened because of that. Has anybody out there faced such incidents? If yes, please tell me how to get the stats from the years past back.
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    Re: Possible BBM bug. Data loss

    Still not the bug section. Post it here:

    I don't have that version of the game but I think there is a setting that erases the year by year stats. You might have hit it by accident, I'm not sure if you can get it back.
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