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Thread: South Park - Stick of Truth

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    South Park - Stick of Truth

    Just letting people know...I saw great reviews, and between South Park, Team America, and the Book of Mormon, you know the South Park guys are funny...a bit over the top, but still an amazing amount of humor created. I haven't watched south park in years...i watched religiously like all teens for a while in the mid to late 90s, just following the cartoon progression (ren and stimpy, beavis and butthead, south park, family guy).

    This game was, tough to stop playing...thinking about it while going to sleep...couldnt wait to explore the town more. The RPG elements are there enough to make it work - only one 'buddy', interesting and diverse enough attacks/powers...a little flat once you figure out the best spells and attacks, but hey, it's more about the humor. Some parts are over the top (as in, super embarrassing when my wife walks in), of course, but holy heck the humor is awesome, the complete 18 or so years of south park being referenced and included...this game is fun and funny in the way many try to be. I stopped playing Deadpool and havent gone back, but this one captured my attention.

    might have to do with a severe ankle sprain limiting my mobility, but oh well!

    I don't see a ton of replay value, since I completed most of the sidequests...there are 4 class choices but i can't see it varying much. Still totally worth $35 to play through once.

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    Re: South Park - Stick of Truth

    zis a computer game?

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