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Thread: League Player Packs?

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    Thumbs up League Player Packs?

    I'm setting up a league with some guys and we were wondering how Sports Mogul will create the next MotG season player cards so we can update our teams with the new player ratings every year.

    Here are some questions we came up with before we setup the club rules:

    1. Will the 2014 team player cards be offered in a separate "Player Only Pack" for league play without the playbooks and audible cards so we don't have to buy duplicate sets of everything.
    2. Will there be a "Free Agent Pack" for players that are not included in the team card sets.

    We played some games this weekend and it was a blast, this game rocks! Love the simpleness of the game, but so many strategies built within the game that keep you on your toes while trying to out think your opponent.

    Great Job,

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    Re: League Player Packs?

    New decks will be released after each season. The reasoning behind this is because of the realism of the game is only derived from a player's stats during the season. That is why certain teams have star players that don't have great attributes, but it may have been because he had gotten injured and didn't play a lot (example: Jerod Mayo & Vince Wilfork).

    We have begun discussing a release for Playbook only decks and Player only decks, but as of right now it is only team decks. As for smaller card packs, such as 6 or 8 cards, once the game gets a little more awareness we will be releasing different types of packs and such. This will begin to happen especially if a retailer begins to sell the game within it's store. So be sure to spread the word of the game and help us grow larger to achieve these goals!

    As for the free agent pack, we will certainly talk about it, but since the stats are based off of each players season totals, this may be tougher for each team.

    Something we may do is release historical teams during the season to fill the gap between years. Expect great teams like the '83 bears, '07 pats, '06 colts, etc.

    Thanks for all your support!
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