All orders will be completed by tomorrow, after the last of the 21 packages are shipped (International). We are pleased to announce that this will be the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign and we are now moving into our retail phase of this project.

Be sure to checkout the sites that we provided to you, including where you can get more decks! Also, make sure you give us a rating and help spread the word on, where you can find our game listed.

If any of you have any problems with your order, please contact and we will be sure to help you out in anyway that we can. With all international orders being shipped, please be patient as we expect to have all of the orders to you within the next week or so. If you would like a tracking number on any of the packages, be sure to message us through Kickstarter and we will get that number to you. Also, be sure to check your local post office to see if they are sitting on the package, as we have had a customer respond and tell us that they needed to pay the tariff before they received the package.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for supporting us through this project and we hope that you enjoy the game as much as we do, as well as everyone who is raving about it.

Thank you for the support!

Sports Mogul, Inc.