We have started to see that all of you are thoroughly enjoying MotG from your posts on our Facebook company sites! Be sure to share your thoughts, photos, stories, strategies, and ratings on many of the several sites that we have provided you for a full Masters of the Gridiron experience.

As for the International orders, we have packaged every order up and they will be sent out within the next two days to all of you. We had saved all international orders for last, due to the customs and forms we have to fill out for each order. It is making the shipping process a little longer than the normal U.S. shipping process. All of these orders should be received by next week sometime.

We would like to thank you for your patience as we are coming to the end of this campaign.

Be sure to checkout all the sites we've provided below, as well as getting your hands on other decks if you played the game and didn't already order a team that you really wanted.

1) www.motg.net – The official Masters of the Gridiron website, where you can purchase more decks, boxes, playmats, etc. You will also be able to find several documents that can help you throughout your Masters of the Gridiron experience.

2) http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1...f-the-gridiron - Enjoy MotG? Give us a rating on the game and help improve the awareness for Masters of the Gridiron.

3) www.facebook.com/mastersofthegridiron - The official Facebook page for Masters of the Gridiron. Please “like” us to help spread the word and increase popularity, which will increase the number of people you can play with in your own area!

4) www.twitter.com/sportsmogul - Find the most up to date news about all Sports Mogul, Inc. products including Masters of the Gridiron. You may even see coupons and deals for all MotG products!

5) www.facebook.com/sportsmogul - The official Facebook page of Sports Mogul, Inc.

6) www.sportsmogul.com/maillist/index.htm - The Sports Mogul Inc. newsletter mailing list. We send out updates about 6 times per year, and we don’t share your email address with anyone.

Thank you for all your support!

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