Hi. I have created an improved photo pack for the 2014 starting roster of the Oakland Raiders. I am interested to know if there is a demand for this kind of thing, as I'll be making similar packs for the other franchise's, and the free agents. Here's a couple of examples of the new pictures I've created:

Name:  Terrelle Pryor.jpg
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Terrelle Pryor

Name:  Darren McFadden.jpg
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Size:  13.8 KB
Darren McFadden

Name:  Lamarr Houston.jpg
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Size:  13.1 KB
Lamarr Houston

Name:  Denarius Moore.jpg
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Denarius Moore

Name:  Charles Woodson.jpg
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Size:  12.9 KB
Charles Woodson

Click Here to download the photos in a .rar file.

To install, copy and paste the contents of the unzipped folder into your 'C/Sports Mogul/Football Mogul 2014/Photos' folder, overwriting any existing photos that are in the way.

If you appreciate this kind of thing then let me know as the responses will determine whether or not I bother uploading the packs for the remaining teams!

Thanks, Will.