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Thread: 2000 USFL Mod (By: OGpistolpete)

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    2000 USFL Mod (By: OGpistolpete)

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    Here is a new version of my United States Football League mod.

    Instead of 1970, this one is set in the year 2000, on the brink of a new century of USFL football. The Los Angeles Express led by quarterback Kurt Warner have just won the last USFL Championship, and are ready to make it a repeat year, establishing perhaps the new dynasty-in-the-making. This time there are thirty teams instead of twenty-four, as new teams have been enfranchised, while others are moved from one city to a new one to create the three-division, two-conference set up we have today.

    I've put it all together in one .rar file, that includes the custom logos, helmets, and the save file itself.

    Steps To Use
    1. Download the .rar file
    2. Extract to where you can find the folder
    3. Enter the folder.

    Installing The Save File
    1. Copy the "DEFAULT USFL 2000.mog" file.
    2. Paste it into your "Sports Mogul/Football Mogul 2014/Football Mogul 2014" folder. (This is the main folder with all the different folders, where all of your save games as well.)

    Installing The Logos
    1. Enter the folder of logos and copy everything in it
    2. Paste them in the "Sports Mogul/Football Mogul 2014/Logos" folder (remember to back-up any files in there you want to save.)

    Installing The Helmets
    1. Enter the folder of helmets and copy everything in it
    2. Paste them in the "Sports Mogul/Football Mogul 2014/Logos" folder (remember to back-up any files in there you want to save.)

    Playing the Mod
    1. Load "DEFAULT USFL 2000.mog".
    2. Go to the League Editor... and choose 'CPU ALL'.
    3. Now choose the team you wish to control as a human.
    4. Exit and go to Tools -> Options, and tick off "Commissioner Mode".
    5. Enjoy!

    Note: The grades next in the parentheses represent the team's fan loyalty, not their overall ability.)

    Atlantic Football Conference (AFC)
    AFC North

    Boston Glory (B+), EverBank Stadium, Boston, MA)
    Brooklyn Reds (B), MetLife Stadium, Brooklyn, NY)
    New York Generals (A, Generals Field, New York City, NY)
    Philadelphia Stars (A-, Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA)
    Toronto Raiders (C+, Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON)

    AFC Central
    Chicago Blitz (A, Soldier Field, Chicago IL)
    Cleveland Rams (A-, Paul Brown Stadium, Cleveland, OH)
    Detroit Panthers (B, Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit, MI)
    Pittsburgh Maulers (C+, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA)
    Washington Federals (B+, RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.)

    AFC South
    Atlanta Fury (D+, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA)
    Birmingham Stallions (B+, Delta Airlines Stadium, Birmingham, AL)
    Charlotte Flyers (C-, Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC)
    Memphis Showboats (B-, LP Field, Memphis, TN)
    Miami Sun Devils (C, Pro Player Stadium, Miami, FL)

    Pacific Football Conference (PFC)
    PFC North

    Calgary Cowboys (D, Lucas Oil Stadium, Calgary, AB)
    Minnesota Ice (D+, Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN)
    San Francisco Sharks (B, San Francisco Shark Tank, San Francisco, CA)
    Seattle Thunder (C, The Kingdome, Seattle, WA)
    St. Louis Stampede (B+, FedEx Field, St. Louis, MO)

    PFC West
    Arizona Wranglers (C+, Sun Devil Stadium, Phoenix, AZ)
    Los Angeles Express (A, Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA)
    Las Vegas SaberCats (B-, MGM Las Vegas Coliseum, Las Vegas, NV)
    Oakland Invaders (C+, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA)
    San Diego Blazers (C+, Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA)

    PFC South
    Dallas Gamblers (B+, Texas Stadium, Dallas, TX)
    Houston Texans (B+, Houston Astrodome, Houston, TX)
    New Orleans Breakers (C+, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA)
    Oklahoma City Outlaws (B+, Gaylord Oklahoma Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK)
    San Antonio Bandits (B, Edward Jones Dome, San Antonio, TX)

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    Re: 2000 USFL Mod (By: OGpistolpete)

    Very cool. I look forward to playing with this soon.

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    Re: 2000 USFL Mod (By: OGpistolpete)

    Link seized by the FBI!
    Quote Originally Posted by Biggles View Post
    You beat me twice yesterday. I've never been beaten in the postseason in different leagues by the same person on the same day.

    Relish this day..

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