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Thread: *Modified_3-4 Zone Blitz Defensive Playbook

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    Lightbulb *Modified_3-4 Zone Blitz Defensive Playbook

    Attached is the 3-4 Zone Defensive Playbook I recently modified:

    *Improvements made to pass coverage

    Miami Dolphins defensive coach Bill Arnsparger developed the zone blitz in 1971. He started by placing linebackers on the defensive line and having them drop back into coverage, and eventually included regular defensive linemen as well. The scheme did not gain widespread use in professional football until Dick LeBeau refined it with the Cincinnati Bengals and popularized the zone blitz in the early '90s, while coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning Pittsburgh the title of "Blitzburgh". Though the zone blitz has become common throughout the NFL, the 3-4 defense - 3 defensive linemen, 4 linebackers - lends itself particularly well to this style of play, and LeBeau continues to utilize it today

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