The London "Daily Mirror"

November 30th 1981

Milestones of the month

by Chatty Cathy
Lots of emancipation, this month in time for Christmas Antigua and Barbuda are yet more colonies to gain independence from us in the United Kingdom, whilst Edict No. 81-234 whatever that is, abolished slavery in Mauritania, wherever that is.

Also, I am glad to inform you, the Church of England voted to admit women to holy orders. One hopes that the C of E is not congratulating itself on this sudden enlightenment after so many centuries of deciding that men are holier than Thou, Mary Jane.

Lots of political turmoil, too, Margaret Thatcher after receiving a fizzer from some of her more honest advisers, has shaken up her cabinet to dry up the "wet" element in her Administration, those who urge the "Softly, softly, catchee monkey" approach to the problem of the anarchy of the trades unions; since the monkey has gone ape, lately, Maggie does well in chucking these softies overboard in order to free her iron hand in dealing with the malcontents ruining our very economy.

The American President's tax cuts of a year or so ago, are coming home to roost in the United States economy; faced with a humungous deficit this year, the Reagan administration is back -tracking on its vaunted Reaganomics policies in restoring taxes under the spin of "revenue enhancements" Only in America.

My sources tell me that the United States President, Ronald Reagan, has signed the top secret National Security Decision Directive 17 (NSDD-17), authorizing the Central Intelligence Agency to recruit and support Contra rebels in Nicaragua. If this is so, how can the Western democracies justify our criticism of Soviet Russia for intervening in the affairs of other countries?

Apart from that, it is being whispered over there that the aged ex-actor is forgetting his lines, and, often, found sleeping at the switch - on television, yet! In view of world-wide audiences which we democracies are inviting to join us against the Soviets, who , at least, bury their expired shelf-life leaders.

The tide of improved computers rolls on. International Business Machines have brought in a new kind of machine, the personal computer to rival the Atari model, already on the market for domestic use. Excited as I am with my present word -processor, I shall soon be exchanging it for the more versatile computer of today.