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Thread: XCOM Enemy Unknown

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    XCOM Enemy Unknown

    A remake of the classic 90's game is by far the most fun I've had playing a video game in many years. Highly recommend this for any gamer.
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    Re: XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I just bought this for myself as a new job present. $30 well spent! Lots of fun so far.

    The graphics and voices and interface are pretty cool. Real upgrade from those 90s games. Some things are unfair inherently, or kind of silly, or just don't make sense, on a grand scale...but taken for what it is, its one of the most engrossing, fun PS3 experiences I have had. Its the first game I have played that has kept my attention and kept me TV stand is filled with 30 other titles that couldn't do it (tho Portal 2 was cool).

    I have to admit, that overall I don't like the turn-based squad combat. Turn based RPG stuff is fine, like final fantasy - okay, i attack, he attacks, whatev. But in squad based stuff it just annoys me - you can move and then fire, but CAN'T fire then move. If you walk in the wrong direction and run out of movement points, an alien can appear, walk up to you, and slice you open from head to toe, while you stand there out of 'movement points' or some crap. That's not how real life works - dudes don't move across a desert then stand there motionlessly while enemies run up and gut them.

    That being said, 'real time strategy' becomes super annoying somewhere around 2003. I just want to pause, issue orders, then slowly advance time to see them take place. Being mostly powerless for 1/2 the game is annoying - this is combat, not checkers.

    Other misc Gripes:
    - why do the enemies get a free move when you spot them? Don't they already have enough advantages?
    - squad size of 4? Then up to 6, that's it? The world is being invaded, and all we can do is send in 6 guys? cmooon. One of the best parts of xcom Apoc was unloading 12 or 18 guys for a mission.
    - Satellites and uplinks - seriously, you can't borrow whats in place? Google maps anyone? You have to build, launch, and maintain your own satellites.
    - Engineers dont need time...they produce things instantly? silly
    - abductions - they always happen in 2-3 places at once? ALWAYS? Why can't I go to one then go to the other in 10 game minutes when everythings cleaned up at the first? Can I buy a second skyranger?
    - the aliens are kicking around on the planet somewhere in bases and fortresses, but again, not spotted by commercial/government satellites or the 400 planes in the air at any given time?
    - only one interceptor can attack a ship? Really? We get invaded by UFOs, and just one guy can go up at a time? stoo-pid
    - you can't have multiple labs doing different things? multiple engineers working multiple projects? No stats on your engineers or scientists, no hire/fire, just raw numbers? simplistic.
    - health annoys me, in that health and armor are linked.
    - why is no one wearing helmets?!? like EVERY alien shoots you in the head!
    - restricted market - can't sell aircraft, buy new aircraft (maybe later), if things are sold on the 'gray market' you can't buy them using your engineers to create items and sell them off. Xcom apoc had it so much better!

    Its a great update to the old game, faithful and yet good..that is rare. It also blows the doors off of the cheap, buggy clones like UFO: Extraterrestrials...that piece of S$%& came out years ago and wasted $40 of my money.

    But at the same time, some things that finally came to mastery in X-Com apocalypse (real-time combat, staffing, base layouts, large squads, multiple vehicles, androids, vehicle AI, large-scale UFO combat) are largely or completely non-existent here. The research is more limited and linear, and you are pressed into squatting for cover more than designing a killer base layout and strategy.

    Its great to see a current version like this - its one of the few hopes I have for gaming today - but some of the parts of Apoc I loved the most have been ignored, nerfed, or scaled DOWN!! 1998 complexity greater than 2012? Really?

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