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Thread: Victory and Hopeless Packages

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    Victory and Hopeless Packages

    I am more interested in the overall management feature of Sports Mogul and always simulate the games. So my suggestions relate to features that improve the simulations.

    It was announced that for 2013 there will be 3-rd down packages for Offense and Defense. What was not stated was whether these were situational (3-rd down/short, 3rd down/medium and 3rd down/long) nor was it stated whether these packages would be used when simulating a game.

    More useful (for me) packages would be a victory package and a hopeless package. A victory package would be used when the team has a lead of a certain amount of points (say 35 at some time in the 3rd quarter and 25 at some time in the 4th -- points and times modifiable). The hopeless package is when the game is lost (say down 35 with 8 minutes left -- again modifiable). These packages would allow you to take your best players out of the game (reducing chances of injury to them). It also provides the opportunity to see how your depth players perform in a game (the ONLY way available to evaluate them).

    I really hate seeing one of my top player injured in the fourth quarter of a blowout (irrespective of who is winning).

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    Re: Victory and Hopeless Packages

    Nice point. There should be a blow out option to protect players.
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