The AI needs work on game management.

One point lead. Less than 1 minute left in the game, opponent has no time outs, I'm on my 2 yard line. First and 10, quarterback takes a knee. Second down at my one, my quarterback takes a knee. Safety! I lose... Yep, my quarterback actually took a knee in the end zone.

My team has a 31 point lead at the start of the third quarter. We run the ball on EVERY play. The defense stacks the line. We run the ball. We punt a lot. Same thing in the fourth quarter. You decrease your passing plays with a big lead but you still pass to keep the defense honest...

A bit over two minutes left in the game. My QB takes a knee. Ooops, we can't run out the clock. Back to the run game and another punt. This requires a simple AI fix. Don't take a knee unless you can run out the clock. How? Easy: For each remaining down count 35 seconds. For each remaining opponent timeout reduce that by 30 seconds (allowing 5 seconds for running the play). If what you have left is less than the remaining time, take a knee -- but only if you do not take one in your own end zone. There are rare occasions where you would down the ball in your own end zone at the end of a game (I've seen it done in NFL games) but that requires more complex logic.

Fourth down, end of fourth quarter, 20 seconds left, the QB takes a knee. The clock runs out. Uh, no. The clock stops on change of possession. There should still be about 17 seconds left.

Too much time is taken off the clock on incomplete passes and passes out of bounds.

Punt returns are unrealistic.

There are WAY too many returns for TDs by the computer teams against the human run team.

When the human run team is rated A for returns one would expect fewer returns for TDs against them. Yet even with an A rating for returns (and the other team rated as low as D) I have had as many as three returns for TDs against my team in one game! Nearly all the TDs that opposing player had for the year.

I have even gone so far as to create a team where every player on my team was all 99s. And still have teams returning kicks/punts for TDs. There were fewer but way more than one would expect. Plus my team rarely returns a kick/punt for a TD.

Trading algorithm needs work

The computer teams give too little in exchange for what the human team offers. I don't bother to trade since it is a losing proposition. If I offer to trade a player rated 94, I should expect to obtain a similarly rated player -- especially if the team I offer the trade to needs a player at the position I am offering and has excess at the position I am trading for.

As others have pointed out trading draft picks is unrealistic -- unless you are the Washington Redskins, in which case it is very realistic. Three first round and a second round pick to move up 4 places? Moronic trades should henceforth be called Skin trades.