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Thread: Official "What are you thinking about right now?" (Political Version)

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    Re: Official "What are you thinking about right now?" (Political Version)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alloutwar View Post
    wait til President Sanders ends all this corporate handout ********, raises the minimum wage to $21/hr and makes corporations and wall street pay their fair tax share instead of skating by while the masses (and national debt) pick up their bill.
    Raising the minimum wage to $21 ... only will case inflation .. lol And with the National Debt at $19 trillion the USA government can't handle that.

    If MickyD workers minimum goes UP ... so will everybody else wages go UP at the same rate. Geez are you libs really that lame to think the bottom wage workers can get ahead by just raising their wages. I laugh every time the Dems bring up raising the minimum wage. Reps should replay "Yea man lets raise it to $30 an hour."

    BTW .. have already seen this happen in the mid 70's when President Carter was in office (remember). It started with the big 3 US auto makers giving into UNIONS wanting unbelievable wage hikes. The Union workers got their wages higher and so did us White Collar workers .. they gained nothing as we saw 13 percent inflation. Oh, those were the days my friends. CDs at the banks of 11 - 13 percent ... lol (LOVED IT!) You can't stop the rich from getting richer (won't ever happen).
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    Re: Official "What are you thinking about right now?" (Political Version)

    Yes, raising the minimum wage to $15 has totally destroyed Seattle with rampant inflation, everything there costs more. It's like the west coast's version of NYC now! Except that it's not.

    One technique the Repubs always use is pointing to "facts" that simply aren't supported by evidence. From voter fraud to trickle down to death panels to this, it's almost always wrong, disproved, not supported by any shred of research, and sticks in weak brains for some reason.

    So hey, now that a politician-turned-TV reality star has endorsed a TV reality star-turned-hopeful-politician, do you see Trump's numbers going up? The Palin bump? I can't imagine that anyone who really digs Palin isn't already firmly in the Trump camp, but I am not the best at predicting the behavior of the uninformed, racist and religious zealots that make up so much of the R base nowadays.

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    Re: Official "What are you thinking about right now?" (Political Version)

    Giving people money to buy things is a sure fire way to destroy the economy. Its been so much better this way, with corporations holding on to piles of cash protected from taxes by republican sponsored legislation.

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”
    ― Isaac Asimov

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