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Thread: Forced Listening Game V. 2.0

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    Re: Forced Listening Game V. 2.0

    Well obviously Jethro Tull will win high praise from me. I've actually spent many recent car rides revisiting them, especially the brilliant blues masterpiece that is "Stand Up". 10/10

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    Re: Forced Listening Game V. 2.0

    This one started as promising, I heard a rhythm section, building hopefully to something....but by 2 minutes in I was convinced this was just endless foreplay. Same rhythm riff endlessly, some interesting spacey stuff over it...instrumentals can work, but changes are good. Heck just one change. Spin Doctors were heavily bashed for being a repetitive jam band, but throw just one change in and you have a song. Medeski Martin and Wood do only instrumentals, Bela Fleck does only instrumentals, a ton of great bluegrass is instrumentals, classical is mostly I feel I am instrumental-friendly, but this is not evoking anything except boredom unfortunately. At 7:40 i thought I heard a tempo speed-up and my heart leapt...but it was not to be had.

    this song is kind of like a girl unzipping your fly for 10 minutes, then leaving. There's competency and some nice bits, its not offensive to the ear...but otherwise, I got nothing. 3/10.

    Here's something by a goober that really never sang or played guitar till he was in his 20s. Its also in this candlelit cultish setting, which adds to the flavor.

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